Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computer

Modern children are increasingly using television, video, computers as their main sources of information, sometimes to the detriment of reading books, communicating with people around them, nature, physical activity, necessary for the harmonious development of personality.

Importance of Computer Technology in the Modern World:

When working on a computer, the human body experiences certain loads, characterized by mental, visual and physical stress. The widespread use of computers in the education system has led to the need for special studies of the impact of computer technology on the children’s body.

Children and Computer:

Since the first time a child sat down at a computer monitor, there has been a debate about the benefits and dangers of early learning children to play games according to certain rules and the basics of computer literacy.

Intellectual Growth of the Child Through Computer:

The arguments “for”, with scientific justification and confirmation, put forward by many teachers and parents, saying that the computer contributes to the intellectual growth of the child, as it develops the most important operations of thinking.
In children who periodically spend time at the computer, the so-called “sign function of consciousness” develops very early, voluntary memory and attention improve, cognitive motivation, motor coordination and coordination of the joint activity.

Doctors Views About Computer:

Doctors express concern about the health of children, citing many arguments “against” early learning of preschool and primary school children in computer science: the effects of monitor electromagnetic radiation, a sitting position for a long time and, as a result, the appearance of fatigue, nervous and emotional stress, emotional stress, and worsening vision and posture. It directly follows from this that the “virtual world” is more dangerous for the physical and mental health of the child than useful.


To find this “middle”, you must consider the following recommendations:

Liquid Crystal Monitors:

The most stringent requirements must be presented to the monitor. The monitor must comply with international safety standards. At the present stage, liquid crystal monitors are recognized as the best in safety. In this regard, it is desirable that children (especially preschoolers) use a computer equipped with just such a monitor.

Furniture For Computer According to Child’s Age:

An important role in reducing the physical load on a child when working with a computer is correctly selected furniture, corresponding to the age and height of the child.

Installation of Computer:

The computer should be installed in a well-ventilated area, where wet cleaning is regularly carried out.

Proper Lightening in the Room:

The room should have good, uniform lighting that does not allow glare on the monitor screen.

Minimum Time on Computer for Smaller Kids:

For a child of 6 years, the maximum limit for one-time work on the computer is 10-15 minutes. Moreover, the frequency of classes with one child should be no more than 2 times a week. (Parents are often happy that the child sits at the computer for hours and is not distracted.)

Buying a New Game for Your Child:

When buying a new game for a computer, pay attention:

Compatibility of the Game With Your Computer:

To its compatibility with your computer model, to how fast it will load and start, as it opens

Game According to the Age Of the Child:

Check whether it corresponds to the age of the child, level of knowledge;

Pay Attention to the Ethical Content of the Game:

It is important that the ethical content of the game, the types of positive and negative characters, the nature of their interaction with each other correspond to your moral principles;

Select the Game According to Child Capabilities:

It will matter for the child that the game has different stages and levels of difficulty, that it requires concentration, analysis of the situation, the ability to combine various elements and be entertaining;

Play Compute Game By Sitting With Your Child:

It is good if the game or task is such that 2-3 people can sit at once at the computer, because during work there are many rather boring pauses, and at these moments you can talk with each other;

Gymnastics for the Eyes:
At the end of the work it is necessary to carry out gymnastics for the eyes.

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