All Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios produces films about the Marvel Cinematic Universe with groups that she calls “phases.” It all began in 2008 with the picture “Iron Man”, and since then the MCU, without exaggeration, has expanded to a separate cinema dimension. Currently, the company has completed the third phase, and we already know what awaits us in the future.

The MCU phases are sections in which the interconnected stories of individual superheroes end every few years with the final film about the Avengers team.

All Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
All Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Phase 1: How It All Began (2008–2012)
Which films are included:
• “Iron Man”;
• “The incredible Hulk”;
• “Iron Man 2”;
• Thor
• “Captain America: Captain America: The First Avenger”;
• The Avengers

Superhero To Fight the Terrorists:
Billionaire, gunsmith and playboy Tony Stark almost dies in the desert, after which his life becomes dependent on an electromagnet in his chest, which prevents fragments from reaching his heart. He decides to stop the production of weapons that kill innocent people, and builds a superhero costume to fight terrorists. Then he met with Natasha Romanoff, known as the Black Widow, and her boss Nick Fury, who runs Sch.I.T.om.

Evil Green Giant:
Serious scientist Bruce Banner conducts an unsuccessful experiment, as a result of which he becomes an evil green giant. Young god Thor is expelled from the kingdom of Asgard to Earth, where he destroys the Destroyer and finds his beloved Jane Foster. Steve Rogers wants to serve in the army in 1941, but he is rejected due to his small stature.
Alien Invaders:
By the will of fate, all these stories are intertwined, and their heroes ultimately join forces under the leadership of Nick Fury to destroy the stepbrother of Thor Loki and the alien invaders.

Phase 2 (2013–2015)
Which films are included

Phase 2 (2013–2015)
Which films are included:
• “Iron Man 3”;
• “Thor: The Kingdom of Darkness”;
• “Captain America: Another War”;
• Guardians of the Galaxy;
• Avengers: Age of Ultron;
• “Ant Man.”
After the alien invasion, Stark suffers from panic attacks and builds many different Iron Man costumes. And also undergoes surgery to remove shrapnel from the chest.

Thor Fights:
Thor fights with the Dark Elves and finds a magical ether, and also saves the Nine Kings along with the Earth in addition. Captain America meets Bucky’s old friend and is now forced to fight the brainwashed super-soldier.

Revenge on Thones

Revenge on Thones and Thirst for Profit:
Guardians of the Galaxy is a group of aliens who are united first by a thirst for profit, and then by revenge on Thanos. And engineer Scott Lang gets into a strange house, but instead of money, he finds a strange suit in the safe, which reduces it and turns it into Ant-Man.
Phase 3 (2016–2019)
The Guardians and Ant-Man have nothing to do with the Avengers, who again teamed up to destroy Ultron’s cyber consciousness.
Which films are included:
• “Captain America: Civil War”;
• “Doctor Strange”;
• Guardians of the Galaxy: Part 2;
• Spider-Man: Homecoming
• “Thor: Ragnarok”;
• “Black Panther”;
• Avengers: Infinity War
• “Ant-Man and the Wasp”;
• “Captain Marvel”;
• Avengers: The Final;
• Spider-Man: Away from Home.

Talented Surgeon:
In the third phase, the viewer meets with the talented surgeon Stephen Strange, who has an accident and loses his ability to work. He goes to the East for healing, and finds much more than he sought.
Two Warring Camps:
Captain America and Tony Stark do not find a common language on the issue of subjugating the Avengers to world governments, which ends with the split of superheroes into two warring camps. Thor and the Hulk battle Thor’s sister, the goddess of death Hela. The guards have fun in space until they meet Thor. Along the way, we are shown a new branch of the universe – the film “Black Panther” about the superhero-king of the African people of Wakanda.

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War:
In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, all the heroes unite against Thanos, who planned to destroy half of his life in the universe. Captain Marvel crashes on Earth in the 1990s, meets Nick Fury and gives him an “emergency only” pager. Along the way, she stops the Cree invasion and supports the Skrulls.

Preventing a Catastrophe:
The remaining Avengers unite five years after the click of Thanos, who destroyed half of all living things. And they decide to go on a journey in time to prevent a catastrophe. They succeed, but Tony Stark and the Black Widow die, and Captain America returns to his beloved in 1941.

The Spiderman

The Spiderman:
Eight months later, Peter Parker tries to cope with the death of his mentor and travels to Europe on vacation. Nick Fury finds him there, who says the Earth is in danger again. The spiderman emerges from the battle as the victor, but his identity is revealed to the world.

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