Computers and Gadgets in the Hands of a Child. Harmful or beneficial?

Under 2 years old, a child should not watch TV / on a computer screen. Should not. Absolutely. Not at all. It is harmful to his health and development. Up to 2 years, the child must crawl, run, fall and learn to coordinate movements, grab and pull everything in his mouth, shift, throw, disassemble. The primary role in its development is played by touch and movement.

Computers and Gadgets in the Hands of a Child

Less Time on Computer for Kids:
Up to 6 years, the child should study at the computer for no more than 20 minutes a day, and it is advisable to take 1-2 breaks. That is, do not include several series of cartoons in a row, and after each series stop, discuss with the child what they saw, look for the moral of the story. Thus, you will not let the child plunge into a trance, but you will also teach him to logical thinking, the ability to draw conclusions.

Perform Various Tasks on Computer:
Younger students of 6-8 years old can be in front of the screen for 30-40 minutes. At this age, children can already use the computer not for entertainment, but to perform various tasks.

Virtual Responsibility:
If low-grade games are used, the plots of which include only chases and murders, where people play the role of victims, then the psychological barrier to such acts can sharply decrease. In the virtual world, there is virtual responsibility.

Communication problem:
For normal mental and social development, the child needs experience with people, this is the basis for understanding other people, themselves, their place in the world and the world itself. Communication should be quite long and varied.
Communicate with Your Child:
Communication for the psyche is the same as nutrition for the body. The psyche needs to communicate with people of different sex and age, different social groups and nationalities. How many calories and vitamins will a hungry person get by watching a “tasty” TV show? In the same situation is the psyche of the child, whose only friend is a computer.

Prevent Your Child From Computer Addiction:
The main prevention of computer addiction is proper education. It is important not only to limit children in their actions, but to explain why a hobby is undesirable for them. If a child learns from a young age that a computer is only part of his life, and he does not replace everything else, there will be no problems.

Alternatives of Computer:
Well, of course, the child should be provided with an alternative – joint family pastime, sports, creativity and other hobbies. If you notice that the child is too keen on computer games, turn his attention to other activities, try to spend more time in communication with the child, and to make it interesting for you together.

Encourage Your Child for Creative Projects in Computer:
The computer will not harm the child with a reasonable approach. If the child has a computer, he will gradually learn to use it, will understand the principles of work. Perhaps the child will create creative projects himself, and in the future these skills will be useful to him or even become part of the profession.

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