How Do Movies and TV Shows Affect Us?  

Relaxing behind a TV or computer screen, which broadcasts your favourite movie or series, is perhaps the most traditional way to spend the evening. The emotions that actors make us experience can be pleasant or negative. Violence and fights are mixed with scenes of love, unconsciously building a person’s certain attitude to different situations. Have you noticed that sometimes you say “cinematic” phrases, behave in a pattern created by scriptwriters and directors?

How Do Movies and TV Shows Affects

We adopt behavior of the heroes
Movies and TV series – is not only funny pictures that help us relax after a hard day. Film industry experts are trying to bring the fictional scene closer to the real one. That is why a good movie or series causes so many emotions in people: subconsciously, it seems to us that this can happen to us. The Result, a person, like a sponge, absorbs phrases, remembers the behaviour, especially facial expressions and steps of characters on the screen. However, why is it bad if the movie character is positive?

The desire to become an ideal
We like it when the hero in a movie or series speaks big words, does incredible things, makes sacrifices for his purpose. Unconsciously, a person tries to imitate what he likes. The formation of “cinema ideals” begins in early childhood and does not end until the end of life, while a person looks with interest at the TV screen.

level Down your self-esteem
However, as you know, in real life, everything is not the same as in the movie. Due to the inability to conform to the ideal, a person subconsciously feels not good enough, smart, capable, his self-esteem falls, and his self-esteem decreases. It begins to seem to him that he lives wrong, and the ideal is unattainable.

Scripted Situation and behavior 
By the way, another movie trap is the imposition of stereotyped behaviour. Love should start just like in “Titanic” the slightest look at another girl, etc. can be considered crime. The film industry produces a patterned behaviour and a patterned attitude to the same things and situations, which is why a person cannot look at the problem broader, consider it from different points of view.

Phobia development – Life-Threatening Scenes
Are you afraid of flying an airplane? Do snakes, bugs, and spiders make you feel scared? If not, then you can say that you think independently, and the film industry could not impose on you these common and stereotypical phobias.
Fear of bugs or flying on an airplane is not a complete list of phobias that develop in people after watching an impressive movie. There is a feeling that even in a safe situation, something terrible will happen – especially in crowded places. This is one of the prerequisites for the development of panic attacks.

4. The Scenes of Aggression Convince negativity

We like films in which fights are beautifully set, and there are feelings and lively emotions. However, films and TV shows also teach us that we must pay for one act or another, respectively: for example, to take revenge, enter into a fight, break off relations with relatives, etc.
Fights in movies look realistic and logical. Subconsciously, a person believes that he should behave in the same way, that such behaviour that is accurate and normal. But is this so?

The purpose of this article is not to scare you at all with the consequences of watching a movie. Its goal is to help you see your behaviour, imposed by directors, and learn to think more globally and broader, not conforming to the ideals of films and series.

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