PUBG Mobile Review: The Best Game on Android and IOS

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a real sensation in the world of gaming. If before players were involved using high-profile promises, chic 4K-trailers and simply a well-known brand, now to gain success with the audience, it’s enough to make a high-quality “Royal Battle”.

PUBG Mobile Review: The Best Game on Android & IOS

PUBG Has a Tolerable Mobile Version:
But now, however strange it may be, PUBG is beginning to lose its influence, giving way to Fortnite. However, these guys have a small trump card up their sleeve: a tolerable mobile version that is supported by most devices, which cannot be said about the same version of Fortnite. Today I have prepared for you a complete review of the best mobile game PUBG Mobile. Go ahead for the best loot and a bucket of chicken!

  • Royal Battle and cards, 100 People on an Island:
    The basis of PUBG Mobile and the only available mode is the “Royal Battle”, which was a revelation in 2017-2018. The idea is simple: there is an island, there are 100 people, a bunch of gear and a zone narrowing over time, and that’s all you need to know about the “Royal Battle”.
  • Only Realism, Loot, and Tamwork:
    It was done here perfectly, nothing more – no constructions, only realism, loot and teamwork. By the way, in the mobile version there was also a place for technology: UAZs, jeeps, motorcycles and buggies will help you navigate huge and not very maps. Oh yes, cards. Now in the game there are three of them: two large Erangel and Miramar, and one small Sanuk.

Game Interface, Character Customization and in-Game Store:
At the first launch, the game offers us to create our own character. So far, two sexes are available, several types of faces and hairstyles. There are inaccessible persons and hairstyles that open for the fulfillment of certain conditions.

The PUBG Mobile Interface:
The PUBG Mobile interface is as simple as a traffic jam. The developers picked up a nice color scheme and correctly placed the basic navigation elements, eliminating the possibility of accidental clicks. But sometimes the interface freezes, and what it is connected with is not clear.

Playing the PUBG Everyday Will Give You Daily Bonuses:
Entering the game every day you can get bonuses. And after a week of daily visits, you will receive a valuable box with clothes.
Like how your teammate plays? Add it to your friends and then you can go into battle together directly from the game menu.
Getting good things in the game is possible not only from cases, but also by fulfilling the conditions of the season. For example, after playing for half an hour, I was able to get cool boots.
The game is still a little damp, and you can help the developers refine it by reporting errors that occurred during the battle. To do this, click on the “report” button.

Tip 2: Enter the game every day and follow the conditions of the season in order to get good items.
Gameplay and Battle Experience
The cancerous tumor PUBG Mobile is its fundamental gameplay part – battles. I’m sure you heard about the bots in this game, and yes, there are a lot of them. And sometimes there are even more of them than ordinary players.

Landing is Very Important:
Your success in the match depends on where you land. Choose this place wisely, and do not open the parachute in advance, resourceful players can shoot you, thereby gaining achievement. Also in PUBG Mobile there is a first-person view, which more allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of survival among a good hundred opponents.
Hunting For Cartridges:
In the game you need to constantly loot, at the start you will need to dress up your character, and the rest of the time you will have to hunt for cartridges. By the way, sometimes the selection window can play a trick on you by pushing the item that you do not need.

  • Tip 3: In dynamic battles, turn off the ability to automatically select resources by clicking on the cross.
    Graphics and Sounds

Surprisingly, visually PUBG Mobile surpasses most games of its genre. The disclosure of the graphic capabilities of the game is most noticeable in first-person matches, where you can see your gun and body kits on it. Although with the range of drawing objects at PUBG Mobile everything is bad. What you see in the screenshots is high graphics settings with the “movie” filter turned on. I recommend using filters, with them the game looks better.

  • Tip 4: navigate the map, it’s solid here.
    Performance on weak devices

Weak devices are unlikely to take out PUBG Mobile on acceptable graphics settings and stable FPS. For ultra-budget developers, a simplified version is developed – PUBG Mobile Lite, which cannot be run on devices that support the regular version.
Tip 5: Lower your graphics settings to get better performance.
Better games on Android and iOS in 2018 can not be found. It is possible that competitors for PUBG and Fortnite will be created soon, I will tell about the latter right away, how it will become available for my smartphone.

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