Reasons Why the Client is Not Always Right

Do you also think that “the client is always right”? If only to sell part of your product and services, receiving small profits, because, focusing on the phrase “the client is always right”, do you limit your business to income?
After all, to make a profit by serving inadequate customers is complicated, difficult, for a Long Term. Therefore, in this article, let us discuss together on the topic of whether the customer is always right.

Reasons Why the Client is Not Always Right
Reasons Why the Client is Not Always Right

Why the client is not always right

  • Know the customer that are toxic to your business

You know that not all customers are useful and necessary for your business. Here you can recall the Pareto rule when 20% of the actions bring 80% of the result. So it is with customers: 20% of customers can bring 80% of profit if they are adequate and well-educated customers who are in love with your product and company. Therefore, carefully select the customers with whom you will work.
If a client is rude to your manager, demands something that is not part of your services and business, feel free to fire that client!
Because under the idea of “the client is always right” we permit the inappropriate behaviour of some people. And if a person also justifies his rudeness with this phrase, it means that he has no other arguments, and why do you need such a client?
Indeed, the client is not always right, and we justify his behaviour and allow us to continue to contact us like this.

  • Take Care of your skilled Employees

If you are guided by the phrase that your customers are your business, then you are strongly mistaken. Your employees are your business. We have already said more than once that your employees know most about your business and your customers. In case of failure in business, you can change the direction of the plan to another angle, but your employees, your team, their experience and skills will remain with you.
Therefore, by reporting employees to clients, taking the side of inadequate clients who disgrace just because the seller is currently serving another client, you lose respect and reduce the motivation of your employees. Appreciation at work is part of the motivation for your staff without this you can’t keep smart people at the team.

  • You are losing potential customers

Pursuing all kinds of pleasures to inadequate customers who, perhaps, came to you to incite conflict, but did not go to buy at all, you deny those who were ready to buy. Also, clients who settle disputes with other clients spoil your reputation, why do you need it? And the employees, knowing that you are on the side of all clients, even those who are not right, will begin to hate absolutely all clients, smile and work through “I don’t want”, and clients will feel it.

Thus, we found out that the client is not always right, and we hope that if you are known by perfectionism in business, then you will reconsider your point of view and choose only those clients with whom you want to work and cooperate with whom you are pleased. Everyone will benefit from this – you, your team and the business as a whole!

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