Six Uses of WordPress Except for Blogs

You can be sure of one thing: WordPress is no longer just for blogs. Below we will discuss six alternative uses of WordPress that are not blogs. Yes, you read it right. You do not need to use WordPress for blogging at all! Some of these methods may be familiar to you, but you may know little about others.

Six Uses of WordPress Except for Blogs

1 It can be used to Build Social Community

You’ve probably heard of BuddyPress. If not, then this is essentially a great plugin that turns your WordPress site into its small social network with features such as creating a profile and messaging. It will not be the most fantastic social network you have ever used (we mean that now it cannot become MySpace), but in combination with dozens of other amazing social network plugins, you can create an excellent social network in the familiar CMS platform.

These types of plugins are best to create a community for your school, workplace, church, or the like. More realistic, we are sure that you will not become the next Mark Zuckerberg or create the next Facebook because to achieve something like this would require too much coding, server space, and maintenance. However, if you are ready to do something locally, then BuddyPress will be your best bet.

2 Build a forum in WordPress without touching any code

If you don’t really like social networks, a forum is another thing you can turn WordPress into. A forum is an excellent way to create a community, and there is a BBPress plugin that can convert your WordPress sites into forums. The plugin is as powerful as BuddyPress, and it completely transforms your website into a fully functional forum with which you and several other people can chat. There is also another plugin called SimplePress, although this is not a free solution (the plugin is free, but there is no support).

3 Manage all your portfolio projects in one place

Many people like to use WordPress as a portfolio for their work. You can think of it as an “organic record” of your profession, which you regularly update and immediately share to tell your story over some time. I believe that the work you do and your best work are usually your most recent work (except in extreme cases). Therefore, even in blog format, you can trust WordPress to display your skills to potential customers accurately.

Gallery feature
Also, many WordPress themes offer various gallery features to display your work in general. Many thumbnails can be viewed on one page, which can lead to related elements such as photos, videos, and designs, which is pretty cool.

4 You can easily create an affiliate landing page

Most of you will know everything about and, but if you want something to display your credentials with little effort, you may need a landing page similar to the above sites, but you also want a link to your blog along with several pages. Luckily for you, WordPress allows you to select a static page as your front landing page. Depending on what you want, you can make it a biography, contact page, or whatever!

5. Create an Online Store in WordPress

Nowadays, many people, including probably you, buy a variety of things on the Internet, and you can even take part in the world of online business. Despite its core functionality as a blogging platform, WordPress can also quite easily serve as a way to do e-commerce. Starting with various features to list your products in an online store format right up to the ability to conduct transactions, WordPress can satisfy any needs of your e-commerce.

6. You can Create a Professional Online Resume in WordPress

As mentioned above, whether you include your resume on a website or use it as a landing page, WordPress is one of the best ways to display it. It is easy to put on the Internet, update and share it.
Whether you include your resume on your website or use it as a landing page, WordPress is one of the best ways to display it. It is easy to put on the Internet, update and share it.

The above list does not have to be final. What other ways do you use WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

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